Frequently Asked Questions
Why have an AvailabilityWizard page?
Prospective customers will be more keen to contact you - knowing the dates they want are almost certainly available.
Reduce the burden of replying to requests for already booked peak weeks.
Cut the cost of updating price and/or availability information.
I've just set up my availability page. How do I make a link to it from my web site?
Your AvailabilityWizard control panel gives HTML code examples to copy and paste into a web page on your site. Once you (or your web designer) have created the link it won't need to be changed.
What happens when my free month's subscription runs out?
Your availability page remains visible to your customers, but you won't be able to update it until you resubscribe.
If your subscription becomes several months overdue, your account may be deleted.
How long after I subscribe can I update my availability again?
How often can I update my availability and/or prices?
As often as you like.
I notice my availability link is to a static web page - not an online database. How does this work?
A static web page is served to your customers faster than one generated afresh each time it's viewed. A new version of the page is produced every time you update your availability information.

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